Look Incredible Deluxe- April 2018

Look Incredible Deluxe April 2018

Apart from a very recent Tarte online order I have never owned or tried any high end make up so I was super excited for my first ever Look Incredible deluxe box! I knew what the products in the box were before I subscribed and one of the items in particular is what drove me to spend £35 on a beauty subscription box!

Until now my subscription box experience has been of the cheaper boxes- Birchbox, Glossybox and Roccabox. I have ended up disappointed by all of those eventually and ended up unsubscribing. So I thought I’d try a higher end box and see what that was like. So without further ado lets see what is in this month’s Look Incredible Deluxe box. (Look incredible have 3 different box types- the standard box costs £25 and it’s delivered every 2 months, the deluxe edition is £35 a month and I believe there’s also a £65 box which I have never looked into).

I was expecting a lot from this box due to its price tag. It arrived nicely packaged in a gold box, however the packaging looks luxurious but does feel quite cheap. There were bits of silicone hanging off the bow etc, but I didn’t really care because I won’t be keeping the box itself and it’s not the reason I subscribed after all! (They were rather stingy on the packing wormies too but nevermind)

Look Incredible Deluxe April 2018

First up we have the Urban Decay All Nighter Eyeliner Waterproof Perversion- RRP £20. Very long name for what is essentially a black eyeliner! I have never used any Urban Decay products and the quality of the packaging was impressive, it felt more metal than plastic like most eyeliners I am used to. I have to say this was the dud of the box for me. This eye liner claims to be “blacker-than-black” and although it is very black, its just an eyeliner after all. It’s a roll up one and when I first got it I rolled it up to see how much product was inside (who knows what drove me to that!). To my horror- I couldn’t wind up back down! I don’t know if I just got a rubbish product, or that’s how it works but I don’t understand why they’d make something that can be wound up but not back down?! So anyway, a bit of it broke off and now I have lost my love for this product really. It’s nice to receive but for £20 I would’ve rather had something else. I am not fussy about eyeliners, the ones I use never tend to smudge or run or anything throughout the day so I didn’t feel the need to own a super-duper waterproof one.

**UPDATE: I think we were sent out a faulty batch so I contacted Look Incredible who claim once wound up the pencil is not designed to wind back down and a lot of twists are required to get the product out. If that is the intentional design then this £20 eyeliner has a poorer design than a £2 one!!

Look Incredible Deluxe April 2018

Then I pulled out the Too Faced Melted Metal Liquified Metallic Lipstick- RRP £19. I have always heard fantastic things about this brand and was very excited to receive a product from them. Unfortunately the product itself was a let down. I would describe this more as a lip gloss than a lipstick. The colour is very faint and it really doesn’t last long at all. When I first put it on I was at home, wasn’t eating or drinking anything and it lasted around 20 minutes. When I first squeezed the tube only oil came out and it took a while for the (faint) pigment to show itself. I’m disappointed that it has quite an unpleasant taste and no scent which would have been nice for a product of this price!


In the box we also received the Benefit That Gal Primer – RRP £24.50. This brightening primer is very pink and claims to turn complexion from dull to darling. I haven’t yet used it on my skin but I don’t use foundation so I hope I can use it on its own and that it won’t my face look too pink! Hopefully it’ll make my bronzer and blusher last on longer.

And finally the absolute star of the box and the sole reason I bought it, the Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Vol iii Highlighting Eyeshadow Palette – RRP £30. As I mentioned I recently placed an order via the Tarte website and I had considered buying this exact palette but instead went for the Shape Your Moneymaker (which came smashed but that’s another story…). So when I saw that this palette was in the look incredible box I had to buy it! The palette is absolutely beautiful with 7 shimmery shades and 1 matt base colour. I love love love it!! The nude shimmery colours are exactly up my street and I can see myself getting a hell of a lot of wear out of this! These can also be used as highlighters. I am so impressed that this palette was in the box, I think it is a fantastic addition and really makes the box worth it.

Look Incredible Deluxe April 2018

Look Incredible Deluxe April 2018

Overall I was happy with this box, but only due to the palette. The other products were okay, but nothing I’d choose to buy myself. However with an overall value of £93.50 this box is a great way to try high end make up for a fraction of the cost.

I have sadly cancelled my subscription because I couldn’t justify paying £35 every month for products I may end up not liking and I still don’t know whether high end make up is just a hype. I will keep an eye out for the content of future deluxe boxes as I don’t mind splashing out if I know they will contain something I want. I know that defeats the point of the surprise of a monthly boxes unfortunately.

Amazingly, this box is still in stock so you have time to grab one if you’ve been tempted!!

Until next time,

Anna x


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