Feel Unique Pick ‘n’ Mix

Hey everyone,

As you may, or may not have noticed I have been missing from the blogging world for a while, life’s taken over a bit but I am back! I wanted to share with you some of the samples I’ve got from the Feel Unique pick ‘n’ mix service over the last couple of months. Just to recap- this service entitles you to 5 samples a month for free, you have to pay for P&P of £3.95. After you’ve placed your order you’ll receive a voucher code for the equivalent value to redeem on an order from the Feel Unique website. Quite a good deal really!

Burt’s bees products


If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know Burt’s bees have very generous samples, around 20g tubes for body creams, cleansers etc. I have quite a stash of those to get through so I have been trying some of their other products.

Hand Salve hand cream and Lemon butter cuticle cream: these tins are super cute and handy for popping in your bag. I think these are also quite generous sample sizes and I am very impressed with this brand! Both creams are quite greasy and seem to be quite intense hand creams which is good for me at the moment as my hands are really suffering. The Hand salve doesn’t have the nicest sense but the lemon butter cuticle cream smells absolutely delicious and zesty! I also got a little night cream which I am yet to try.

Elizabeth Arden mascara


I was really excised to try this mascara, as the full size is very pricy. I rushed to check out not to miss out, but this is still available so if you’re tempted then you can still get a sample to try before you buy. I was sadly disappointed by this mascara, I have tried and used way better and cheaper mascaras. I have used it with a mascara primer which improves it but by itself it offers length but no really additional volume which is disappointing, as something I do look for in my mascaras. It’s always handy to have little travel size mascaras though and no doubt I will get some use out of this.

Hydra-Activ day cream


I was excited to try this as it has hyaluronic acid in it and a 20ml sample can give you a really good idea of how a moisturiser gets on with your skin. This didn’t cause me any problems, it was quite light and absorbed well into my skin but I can’t report any miraculous transformations after using it, which to be fair is the case with most moisturisers. Still looking for that miracle cream that’ll fix all my skincare problems.

Perfume samples


I find Feel Unique to be a great way of trying out new fragrances. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how expensive perfumes are and it really helps to try it out a few times before deciding to splash out on a full size. My absolute favourite has been Si by Georgio Armani which I now own and is my every day scent. When I fancy a bit of a change I use some of the other samples. I like all of the ones pictured above apart from Viva La Juice which I find to be way too floral and sickly. I don’t think I’ll be buying the full sized of any of them but it is lovely to have a variety and I have found that a 1ml sample lasts surprisingly long when used sparingly.

Overall I’d really recommended the Pick n Mix service. I really enjoy receiving the samples and finding the best bargains to order every month. It’s super handy that you get the P&P money back and you can use that to purchase full size of any of the samples you’ve tried, or anything else you might fancy.

Until next time,

Anna x


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