5 ways to save money

5 ways to save money

Saving money…we all want to do it, and do it well but it is something the majority of us probably struggle with. In the recent months I have tried to tie up the purse strings and save more money, here’s 5 easy ways I have found to work for me.

Less take aways/ meals out

I’d love to say I have managed to have NO take aways or meals out but I’m human, and sometimes I’m lazy and don’t want to cook or want to eat delicious food I can’t cook myself so will still treat myself. The key is to make take aways and meals out a treat rather than a habit. My problem is that I tend to want a take away after a bad day at work so the key is to stop associating expensive food with happiness and find more joy in the money I manage to save.

Weekly meal plan

I plan what meals I am going to cook for the coming week and make a shopping list of what ingredients I will need to prepare them. I look for inspiration by checking what things we already have in which I can build a meal around. I aim to try and use up tins that have been lying around for ages and things which have been hiding in the freezer and at the back of the fridge. This way you’ll need less ingredients for the meal and end up spending less at the supermarket. I have found going shopping with a list to have a much smaller total bill at the end, otherwise I spend a lot more on junk food and then have nothing to eat for the week ahead.

Not buying new clothes

If you have read my previous posts you’ll know I have set myself the target not to buy any clothes for 3 months. I have done well so far and haven’t purchased a single item of clothing. I have seen the difference in my bank account due to this. I know some people who set themselves the challenge of not buying any new clothes, but allow themselves to shop in charity shops and markets. This may be a good long-term solution for some however when I do start buying clothes again I think I will invest in a few good quality pieces which I need, rather than lost of cheap clothes which clog up my wardrobe yet I still feel like I have nothing to wear. Strangely I have enjoyed not buying clothes so far, I don’t waste time in clothes shops and I have saved money.

Cancelling beauty box subscriptions

Although I have never spent a lot of money on subscription boxes I have tried a few different ones. I used to think this was a good way of sampling different make up and skincare products and as a lot of boxes claim that the content is worth much more than the price of the box it felt like somewhat of a bargain. Unfortunately I would end up being disappointed by the products I received, often due to their small sample size or the products simply not being something I needed or would use. So I decided it was better to set a monthly beauty budget for any products I needed. I am concentrating on using up the products I have accumulated and although I don’t have a lot of make up by any means, I still find that there’s lip sticks and mascaras I haven’t yet used. It’s fun rediscovering what you have and not accumulating more.

Not drinking coffee out

I am a massive fan of Costa and went through a phase of having a hazelnut latte multiple times a week. If you add up the amount of money you end up spending in coffee shops it is actually quite a lot! Of course I still like to drink coffee out with my boyfriend but we save this for a weekend treat and make coffee at home during the week.

Monthly target saving

Basically every month I put a certain amount into savings as soon as I get paid. After all my outgoings have left my account I evaluate what I have left and set myself a target of money to have left at the end of each week and whatever I have left at the end of that month also goes into savings. This way I initially put an amount into savings which I can comfortably live without, then try to not spend a lot to save even more. This works quite well and stops you from wasting money unnecessarily. A tip I picked up online is to round up the amount you have in your account and put the rest in savings, for example if you have £345.67 in your account, put 67p in your savings, you won’t miss it but the amount will soon add up if you do this every time you log into your online bank account. This is really easy if you have a savings and current account with the same bank and can use the mobile banking app to do this.

Until next time,

Anna x


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