Brand review: Nuxe


This is my first brand review post where I will review a number of different products from the french brand Nuxe.

I was lucky enough to receive a set of Nuxe products from my boyfriend for Valentine’s day. This beautiful set contained a shower gel, dry body oil and a perfume. I also sampled the body scrub and body lotion which I ordered as samples through the Feel Unique Pick n Mix service (I have spoken about this in a previous post so take a look if you haven’t heard about this before).


I started off by using the body scrub sample sachet in the shower. The sample size was unfortunately rather small but allowed me to get an idea of the product. It smelled lovely and exfoliated my skin well. It didn’t leave too much of a greasy residue after use like some other body scrubs I have tried in the past.

I then used the shower gel which I was trying to be sparing with due to its small size. I also received a shower gel from this brand in a Birchbox so at least I have a second one to fall back on when this one finishes. It lathered up very nice and little went a long way. Needless to say the scent of it was lovely.

After my shower I used the body lotion sachet. It was lovely and milky and applied to the skin beautifully, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. This scent is the same as the shower gels and the dry body oil.

I followed this by applying the body oil to my décolleté and then applied the perfume. This is basically the principle of “fragrance layering”. The idea is to use the shower gel followed by the body oil and finishing off with the perfume and this will make the scent last longer and help you feel fabulous all day. I like this idea and it is something I have tried doing with all the Nuxe products I own. It really does help the scent linger for longer and helps my skin feel softer and more luxurious.

I enjoyed using products from this brand. Although products are quite pricey, the quality is fantastic and I would gladly try more of their stuff.



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