Monthly un-favourites – February


Having just posted my first monthly favourites post, my boyfriend thought I should stick to what I am good at, which in his opinion is basically complaining about things. So this is a list of things I have not been loving during this month.

  • job interviews

i should say- rejection post- job interview. This month I went for a job interview but didn’t get the job. What was worse was the feedback from the panel that there’s no real feedback to give me and they think I’d have no problem doing the job. No great help there or anything to take forward for next time 😒.

  • the weather 

I wouldn’t be someone living in England if I didn’t have a moan about the weather! It’s not so much the weather that’s bothering me, because luckily living in the South keeps me away from snow and death warnings (or whatever they’re actually called) but the temperature in my flat is what’s upsetting me! Good excuse to wear fleece pjs under a dressing gown though.

  • my skin

For some reason my skin has decided to be a total bitch this month. I thought that getting older would at least come with the benefits of clear skin but at 27 I am still squeezing pimples (sorry for the graphic mental image!). Nothing I seem to put or not put on it makes it better so I’m giving up really!

Thats a short list of what’s been pissing me off this month. I’m sure there’s tons more but 3 will do.

Whats been getting on your nerves?


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