Five minute morning make up

I’m always in a rush before I go to work in the morning. I love my beauty sleep far too much to wake up early to do a full face of make up (not that’s really my style anyway) so I have streamlined my make up routine to the bare essentials which help to make me look half human for the day ahead. These are the four core products I use every day.



1.My perfect colour concealer stick – Primark

Unfortunately I peeled the sticker with the shade name on it so I’m not sure which one this is. This concealer stick was around £1.50! It claims to be full coverage, however I’d say it’s more of a medium. I use it under my eyes and blend it out with a make up sponge.

2. Match Perfection silky loose powder by Rimmel

This is a fairly recent purchase for me. I use it to set my under eye concealer as it helps to brighten up my face and makes me look more awake. I’m too scared to use it all over my face as I think it’ll make me look quite powdery but I have noticed it really helps to minimise the look of pored. I love the consistency of this powder and it’s a treat to use.

3. No7 Bronzer – Caramel

This is a pricy bronzer but I got it with a voucher from my No7 advent calendar. There was only three shades to choose from and at first I was worried this was too dark for me, however I think it gives me a nice summer glow and I apply it very liberally with a large brush.

4. Masterpiece high definition mascara – MaxFactor

To finish off the look I apply 2-3 coats of my favourite ever mascara! I have tried tons of other mascaras but always come back to this one. The applicator wand is absolutely perfect for coating every lash and it makes my eyelashes look longer and gives them a lot more volume.

What products do you use to speed up your morning make up?

Until next time,

Anna x


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