Recently tried skincare products


I have made a recent effort to put more care into my skincare routine. Although I still gravitate towards taking my make up off with a face wipe before I go to sleep, I do try to get into a proper skincare routine. I still have a way to go but in this post I’ll share with you some of the skincare products I have recently purchased and tried.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing water


This product is very raved about, and having recently purchased it I can completely understand why! I bought this when it was on sale at Superdrug, having always thought it was too pricy and not being entirely sure where it would fit into my skincare routine- it did take me a while to take the plunge and buy a bottle. I can honestly say I have fallen in love with this and plan to repurchase it again as soon as this bottle’s gone. This is brilliant for taking off make up, especially eye make up! No panda eyes the next morning!! I like to apply it to my skin using a large cotton wool pad. It’s so gentle yet I feel like it really gets rid of all the grime from my face.

Simply pure hydrating serum


I have only recently clocked onto the serum hype. I get that it’s meant to prepare your face for moisturiser and is able to penetrate the skin to hydrate and moisture it. Most serums on the market seem to be extortionate, until I came across this product on someone else’s blog (I’m sorry I really can’t remember who’s!) and I thought I’d give it a try. For less than £3 I really had nothing to lose! It has no scent and applies smoothly and easily to the face without feeling tacky. I honestly don’t know if it’s made any difference to my face. Although I’m sure it’s not a vital component of my life, I really don’t mind applying it and I hope it’s making some difference in the long run. I will happily repurchase this and I love its cheap and cheerful packaging.

Witch cleansing lotion and blemish gel


This cleansing lotion claims to be “oil-fighting” and prevent break outs. Unfortunately I haven’t noticed a decrease in blemishes since using it, but if I am being totally honest I do not use it daily. I try to, when I remember and I have tried to put it on a shelf on my eye level so it forces me to use it in the morning but I still have a long way to go. I have oily skin and this hasn’t improved it in any way. I will try to use it daily for a while and see if I can notice a difference.

The blemish gel is supposed to help dissolve excess oil (can you tell I am fighting the oil battle?). I apply it at night and it’s supposed to work its magic overnight. It feels very tacky on the skin and the scent is not too pleasant but doesn’t last a long time. I don’t mind using this but I have seen no difference and unfortunately still get the odd annoying break out for no apparent reason.

I don’t think I’ll repurchase these products but I am determined to use them up before I buy anything else which claims to improve oiliness.

L’Oreal pure clay blemish rescue mask


As you can tell I am very eager to fight blemishes! I thought by the time I hit my (mid-late) twenties I wouldn’t have to worry about those, but I was obviously mistaken. I purchased this mask on offer and I have only used it once since. I was impressed how hassle-free the application process was. It has a subtle non-offensive scent and a creamy consistency. It should be left on the face until dry, whilst you enjoy looking like a Smurf, then rinsed off. It left my skin feeling soft and nice but I can’t vouch for its claims regarding blemishes.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

Until next time,

Anna x


2 thoughts on “Recently tried skincare products”

  1. I use the same micellar water at the moment and I quite like it too (except it’s quite big, and since i don’t wear makeup everyday it takes a long time to finish). I also have the L’Oréal clay mask but the red version, the smell and texture are really pleasing, but i’d say it’s a bit pricey for what it is. Nice post 🙂


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