Product let downs| Volume 1

As I was sorting through my make up today I was inspired to start a series about make up products which I will be getting rid of from my make up collection because I have found them to be in some way disappointing. As I really like reading what people like and dislike in the world of make up and skincare, I thought it’d be a fun thing to share on my blog.



First up is the No7 Lash and Brow Perfector. I received this product in my No7 2017 Advent Calendar. Amazingly, this product retails for £8.50 and claims to enhance and gel lashes and brows. I dislike this product because the wand is too small to be used on eyelashes so I can only really use it for my eyebrows. I do not use any products on my eyebrows and they are naturally rather tame, this product made them feel sticky due to its gloopy consistency and made them look in no way different. I am a believer in not using products for the sake of it, I don’t think I need an eyebrow tamer, therefore there’s no point slapping this on my face for no benefit at all. I will not be using this product, and would definitely not recommend it.

Next is the Rimmel Colour Rush Balm stick in Drive Me Nude. This product is extremely disappointing. It has a very sheer colour (really it just makes my lips look shiny), an odd scent and unpleasant texture. It does not last long on the lips, which may be a blessing really as it provides no benefit in terms of colour or moisture to the lips. I don’t really understand where this product would fit in anyone’s beauty routine and after keeping it for a few months hoping it would grow on me I have decided to get rid of it once and for all.

Mannakadar bronzer and highlighter duo. I received this product in a Birchbox a few months ago, and instantly assumed that it was an eyeshadow. I clearly didn’t read the attached leaflet but come on, can you blame me? Its size makes it impossible to use as a bronzer. The colours are not pigmented enough, look ashy and are extremely glittery, which is not something I would want from a bronzer. As an eyeshadow it did not apply well and it didn’t last. I have only ever seen this brand in beauty subscription boxes, the retail recommended prices quoted are scandalous and I was curious whether you could even actually buy full size products- apparently you can! There is a mannakadar website, the products there are extremely expensive and I am not sure what the quality would be like if I am judging it from this duo palette. It’s disappointing to think that this is being marketed as a high end brand, yet can’t get something as simple as bronzer right.

The next product is the Punk Volumizer Mascara by Doucce. Also received in a Birchbox, I am now starting to wonder why I bothered to receive them for so many months as I seem to be disappointed by most of the make up products I look back on. I had the misfortune of using this mascara on a recent trip away when I stumbled on it at the bottom of my bag, after losing the mascara I had packed for the trip. Left over from another holiday no doubt (I need to get better at unpacking!) whilst I was glad to have a mascara to fall back on, I was sadly reminded of how disappointing this product really is. The wand is extremely large, which makes application very messy. I have been using mascara for a long time and I wouldn’t say it’s something I am scared of, however this mascara has that effect on me! Its claims of being volumizing did not materialise when I used it, maybe it’s just me and I was too scared of going close to the root of my eyelashes to prevent ruining the rest of my eye make up but this product did not give my lashes any real volume or length. Luckily it is only a sample size so I won’t be wasting a lot of product when I retire it to the bin.

Last up is the Blush Me Tender cream blush by My Little Beauty. Those of you who subscribe to My Little Box will recognise the company’s own beauty brand. Their full size products can only be purchased in France, but I received this blush in my one and only My Little Box. I was so disappointed by it that I cancelled my subscription immediately and sadly so did many others from the UK as the company now no longer ships here. Maybe I am being overly harsh on this product because I simply don’t use cream blush. This is far too bright and unflattering for me, it does not blend easily and as I use a powder for my base make up I can’t use cream products on top. Unfortunately despite its cute packaging I will be getting rid of this product.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have you tried any of the products above? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know what products you have been disappointed by.

Until next time,

Anna x


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