Winter Get Away to Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Is there anything better than a winter get away to escape those miserable English mornings.

My boyfriend and I travelled to Costa Adeje for Christmas this year. I had never been to Tenerife before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was very very pleasantly surprised by the difference in temperature compared to the UK!! I have just started a new job which has taken some adjustment so this holiday came at the perfect time to give me the boost I needed.

I absolutely love summer (even though I have been known to complain when I’m too hot, but who doesn’t?) so to get a second summer during the Christmas period was an absolute gift! We went for 6 nights, from Wednesday to the following Tuesday, obviously I wish we could have stayed longer but I am grateful that we were able to go even for this amount of time!

We flew with Ryanair which was an all round disappointing and frustrating experience, but at least they didn’t strike on the day we were due to fly out so I can’t be too harsh. Wouldn’t have minded too much if they’d had a strike when we were due to fly back.. a few more days away!


Here are some of my highlights from my few day away:

On our first full day we went to Siam Park. This water park was the perfect way to spend a day in the sun! Entry is €35 per person, which I think is reasonable for the number of rides on offer. There is also a free bus transfer from Costa Adeje. We had a lot of fun going on all the rides, I was even persuaded to go on the biggest one which goes through a shark tan (luckily it’s all over in 6 seconds and with my eyes tightly shut I was none the wiser). Most of the rides take a minimum of 2 people which is nice if you go as a couple. I really enjoyed Siam park and would definitely go again! I couldn’t believe I was in a swimming costume at the end of December and wasn’t freezing! Even more surreal was the giant Christmas tree in the middle of the park!

We also visited Playa del Duque and another beach by our apartment which I don’t know the name of. The beaches are lovely, but beware that the sand in places can be quite black as its volcanic. Although the water was on the chilly side and I wasn’t brave enough to swim in the sea, there were plenty of people who were.

IMG_3394We went whale and dolphin watching tour. It was a three hour tour which included fizz and lunch (and a swim in the sea for those who were brave enough… I wasn’t). We saw a lot of sleeping whales which were cool to see but were upstaged by the excitable dolphins! I wish we’d seen more dolphins but it was a really relaxing boat tour, basking in the sunshine with a (plastic) glass of fizz in hand. The tour was quite pricy, but a very generous present!

We had some great, cheap meals. I highly recommend canarian potatoes which my boyfriend was obsessed with and managed to put a portion of those away despite the giant pizza he was having as a main! I would highly, highly, highly recommended Spanglish. It’s a lovely place by the sea, perfect for a snack in the day or an evening meal out. Staff are polite and helpful and the food is delicious and very reasonably price. We ate our Christmas dinner there (pizza!) in the sunshine. A place I unfortunately wouldn’t recommend is Harley’s. This is an American style restaurant and although it attracts people in with some classic cars at the front which you can even have your meal in, the food was overpriced, the staff weren’t particularly helpful and weren’t apologetic when they got my order completely wrong which meant I had to eat after everyone else.

I have been converted to Christmas in the sun and can’t think of a better festive tradition to adopt!




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