Feel Unique Pick ‘N’ Mix

For those of you who haven’t come across this wonderful-ness, I’ll explain a bit more below.

The Feel Unique Pick ‘N’ Mix is a sample service which allows you to order 5 beauty samples for £3.95! Yes, you heard right- £3.95! There is no monthly subscription required and no direct debits, but unfortunately you can only order once a month. You can choose from a massive variety of samples which are constantly updating, so there will be something new and exciting waiting for you every time you order! There are make-up, skincare and perfume samples.

My main aim when choosing from these samples is… size! There are a lot of samples of 1 or 2ml which I avoid so be careful of the details when you order. The perfume samples tend to be between 1- 1.5mls and the skincase products can vary widely. There is an option on the website for you to see what form the sample comes in- sachet, vial, tube etc. Sachets tend to only last one use, and let’s face it it’ll be a bit messy trying to save a sachet of body butter for the next time you come out of the shower so you might end up being thoroughly moisturised after a single use (speaking from personal experience!).

Enough babbling on- here’s what I got in this month’s Pick ‘N’ Mix

Gucci Bloom Eau De Parfum – 5ml 


I was very pleased to see a 5 ml perfume sample so if I am being honest that is the only reason I chose to order this particular perfume. It is a lovely scent, one I’d save for an evening meal out, or any other time I was trying to be particularly fancy.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer – 0.57g


I have only ever heard this highlighter being described as a “cult” product. I have never owned a highlighter, and until recently I didn’t really know what they even were. I was very happy when I saw this little sample on the website and jumped at the chance to see what it’d look like on me. I have only tried it once so I am reserving judgement. I’d have to love it a lot to fork out for the full sized product, but you never know.

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil – 0.03g


I was very intrigued how this sample would be delivered- this tiny eyebrow pencil is a very clever way for Benefit to promote their products. I am a novice to eyebrow pencils, so far I have got by with leaving my eyebrows well alone, but I am starting to notice the patchiness and imperfections which hopefully this eyebrow pencil will fix!

Burt’s Bees Body Lotion Milk and Honey and Burt’s Bees Body Original Nourishing Lotion – 25g


I have to say I was not overly impressed with the scent of the milk and honey lotion, which is surprising as I had high hopes for that one. At 25g these sample sizes are very generous, bearing in mind Burt’s Bees is not a cheap brand you are getting a bargain for your money! I have previously had a cleansing oil and foot cream sample from feel unique at generous sample sizes too.

I really enjoy getting these little samples and seeing the package at my door always puts a smile on my face. They’re a great way of trying out new products and very handy for taking on holiday too. At £3.95 you really have nothing to lose, and great new products to gain!

Go to the link below if you’d like to get involved.




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